Saturday, February 13, 2010

Moving On Up!

As you all (few though you may be) have probably noticed, there have been a couple changes to the site layout. My brother (much thanks to you by the way sir) helped me out this afternoon with some HTML editing - that's me and him working hard there on the left - and we managed to stretch the text out across the screen so that you don't need to scroll down quite so much. Hopefully this change will drastically increase the readability of the site. Rob (that's my brother Rob, not Rob Farrelly - though he's a great guy as well) also helped me add that fantastic smoke swirl that you might notice hugging the right side of the text (pretty awesome right?). Let me know what you think about the additions.


James Demarko said...

that smoke thing is pretty kick ass.

Apos said...

Simply put, I'm a fan. Keep the additions coming.